About Me

Hello! My name is Katey Rossie. I am 23, and married to this wonderful guy named Daniel! Some of my main interests are (if you couldn’t tell by the name of this blog) are reading, writing, and designing – graphic design, specifically.

My sister taught me to read before I even got to Kindergarten, and I’ve never stopped! Now, don’t get me wrong. I might not be one of those people who can read 100+ books in a year, but I do love to read!! I enjoy reading mostly young adult, fantasy, and contemporary novels and series.

I also love writing. And it might be weird that I’m a book/entertainment blogger who doesn’t have the goal of writing a novel. Believe me, I took creative writing courses in college when I was an English major…and I hated it. I would much rather write a research paper, which relates to my newspaper job. Then there’s graphic design. I graduated college with a Communications degree, specializing in media studies. So, I love to be creative with graphic design. I hope to pursue a career in the future that incorporates more of it!

So, Read, Write, Design is a blog devoted to my thoughts on books, tv shows, and movies. I currently just obsess about these things in my head, and I think it’s time I share my obsessions with the world. Join me, won’t you?