My Dream Reading Space

As readers and book lovers, we often spend time dreaming up our perfect reading space. Some people dream up a huge library a la Beauty and the Beast, while others might prefer a small cozy room with a chair. Today I am bringing you my dream reading space! I have drawn inspiration from Pinterest, and Arhaus, a chic and stylish furniture company. I will have links to all of my inspirational pieces, so be sure to check them out!

My first decision was to choose which type of room I wanted for my reading space. For me, I just picture a small to medium-sized room. I think an oversized library would probably make me feel small, but having a smaller room would make it feel much more cozy.

e6b9ff0123091ad480501724a5830618I also thought of my overall color scheme. I am working on building a small library/office room in my house right now, and my color scheme is gray, pink, rose gold, and white. I really love this color scheme, because it is girly, but also very muted and relaxing. The pops of pink and rose gold are just flashy enough for me as well.




Next, I thought of what kind of furniture I would want to sit and lounge on while I read. Scrolling through the Arhaus website, I came across this adorable couch – the Wessex 122″ Two Piece Sectional In Bristol Fawn. I have really been loving this tufted look lately, and I would absolutely love to see it in my dream reading room! It has a very classic feel and offers maximum lounge space with the chaise lounge on the end.

860afb69c2b8dee0eb8121c33f3a95360a22570221b49f5f01aab96aa72b1bd8To go on the sofa, I would like to include a few accessories to really make me feel cozy. When I am reading, I like to curl up, have a cup of tea or coffee, and be warm. With that in mind, I found some photos of the perfect pillows and throw blanket. For pillows, I envision large, fluffy pillows matching the color scheme I mentioned earlier. I really love anything with a graphic pattern on it, or a cute design with beads, etc. I have been seeing these giant-knit throw blankets all over Pinterest and Instagram, and I am thinking that I really need one in my life! This seems like the ultimate blanket to cuddle up with and stay cozy. I think I would use a dusty pink color like the one pictured below.










You may be thinking “Where are you going to put your books?” I found this adorable shelf on Arhaus – the Telegraph Wide Bookcase in White. The light color of the wood will contrast perfectly with the gray couch, and also provide a brighter space for displaying my books. I would love to have four or five of these lined up along one wall to really give it a library feel. I don’t currently have enough books to fill up four or five shelves, so I guess that means I get a shopping spree right? I also like how the bottom of the shelves offer enclosed storage. This would be good for additional blankets, larger books that may not fit upright on a shelf, and just anything else I might not want on display in my reading room.


Ah, lighting. While reading, I have always wanted to have a cute floor lamp right by my chair or couch to provide right amount of soft lighting. I also found this adorable tree-inspired lamp on Arhaus – the Faux Bois 18″ Floor Lamp with Bark Texture. I love how the base of the lamp looks like a small tree trunk. The coloring also goes perfectly with my bookshelves and overall color scheme.


Last but not least, I thought of some wall dΓ©cor ideas. I think having cute prints of my favorite book/poetry quotes scattering the walls would be perfect for a reading space! It would keep the feel of the space perfect for focusing on reading, and I am a lover of quotes! I found the ones below on Pinterest – both are available via Etsy.



What does your dream reading space look like? Feel free to share your ideas with me in the comments below – I would love to hear! I want to thank Arhaus for allowing me to write this post and also share some of their amazing products. Be sure to check them out!


Thanks for reading, and I will see you on the next page!


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