April Favorites

Hello everyone and happy spring! I am here with my April favorites – and I think I have some good ones this month! So let’s get into it…


  • TV SHOW:
    • Iron Chef Gauntlet: So, back in the day, I used to LOVE watching Iron Chef America! The top-notch chefs, the secret ingredient, the chairman, just everything made that show great. Well, Food Network has made a new Iron Chef challenge show called Iron Chef Gauntlet. The competitors have to compete against each other in a round, then the winner of that round gets to pick anyone to compete against the loser of that round. And the loser of that second round gets eliminated! So, it’s not always the lowest performer that goes home. It. Is. Intense! And Alton Brown is hosting, so extra points!51qswkhmexl
  • MOVIE:
    • Born in China: So, this is the only movie I think Daniel and I watched all month…April was busy! But we made a spontaneous trip to the movies on Earth Day to see Disney’s Born In China. It is a documentary that follows a baby panda, monkey, and a snow leopard through the course of seasons as they are born and raised in their homeland of China. This movie was SO CUTE! Baby animals are always a plus. Fun fact, John Krasinski narrated the movie – so there you go, Office fans! I would recommend this to anyone interested in Planet Earth, Blue Planet, etc.hjkfgsd
  • MUSIC:
    • Throwback Jams: Lately I have been loving throwback music from the early 2000s. That’s right – boy bands, etc. I will leave the name of a few of my favorite throwback Spotify playlists here: 90s Smash Hits by Filtr US; Oldies but Goodies 2000-2016 by Spotify; Throwback Workout by Spotify. You’re welcome for that 🙂playlist-3c64v048fgyqfcjmu9tiga
  • BOOK:
    • Outlander by Diana Gabaldon: Am I finished with this book yet? No. I started reading this book last fall, but have just been picking it up in between other books that I’m reviewing, etc. But holy crap, it just got WAY better! I honestly thought the beginning part of the book was a bit boring. It was mostly about Claire and Frank and then Claire finding her way about 1700s Scotland. BUT, *SPOILER ALERT* after Jamie and Claire got married, the story become ten times more interesting to me! My aunt has also let me borrow the tv show on dvd, and I’ve watched the first episode, so I’m looking forward to continuing with it!outlander-blue-cover-198x300




  • Mini Fitness Planner by The Happy Planner:
    • I bought this fitness planner during a sale at Michael’s and scored it for only $8! It is a 12-month undated planner that comes with stickers so you can label the months yourself (depending on when you decide to start using it). Inside, there are monthly spreads and monthly progress-tracking sheets. The weekly spreads are the pages I use the most. In a vertical layout, it includes spaces to write down your meals for the day: Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner. This matches up perfectly with my eating schedule, as I am following the Tone It Up plan right now – which means I eat 5 times a day. (I had been doing this before TIU as well.) There is a place to total your calories for the day (not something I use), and then a section along the bottom to write down your workouts for the day and track your hydration. Since the Tone It Up 2017 Bikini Series began in April, I have been pretty diligent about journaling my meals and workouts. Here’s what my typical weekly layout looks like:20170508_175106



    • Honestly, I’m a little nervous to share this. Let me start by saying that in no way am I trying to lose weight. I have been naturally tall and thin all of my life. But, since college – where we have all put on a few extra pounds – and sitting at my desk at work all day, I noticed that my energy levels were tanking, and also, I thought “If I ever had to run or fight for my life, I don’t think I could save myself.” Thus, since January of 2015, I have been following Tone It Up. It is an amazing community of women with similar fitness and health goals. The founders, Karena and Katrina, have made such an inviting and judgement-free zone for women of all ages. This year, I am doing the summer challenge – the Bikini Series. It is an 8-week challenge with free workouts, and since I am a member, I am also following the nutrition plan (somewhat). We are on week 3 now, and I am feeling great! I feel stronger and healthier, which is my exact goal. 🙂 tone-it-up-bikini-series-2017-karena-katrina


    • This is a Tone It Up recipe that my husband and I tried in April for the first time, and now we LOVE it! It’s just grilled shrimp with a sauce brushed on it of olive oil and chili powder. We put them on wheat tortillas with salsa, shredded lettuce and just a sprinkle of cheese. They are delicious.b545283004708fa6cc457f2a7d165e29
    • I made this cookie cake for our family Easter dessert this year, and it was amazing! I found the recipe on Pinterest.easter-sugar-cookie-cake-4-of-5


    • I finally was able to buy my outdoor flowers during April! I don’t have any photos of them just yet, but I picked out some Petunias and Celosias for my front porch. I also got a Hydrangea for my front flower garden and a Clematis that I am going to put on a trellis to cover up the ugly gas line marker we have in our back yard.


Thanks again for reading, everyone! I hope you enjoyed my favorites for April! What were some of your favorites last month? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you on the next page!


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