March Favorites

How is it time to do another favorites post?? March flew by! (P.S. stay tuned this month because I have a TON of book reviews and haul posts to catch up on!) Here we go with my March favorites!


  • TV SHOW:
    • Riverdale: I know – this show was on my February favorites. But honestly, I CANNOT STOP WATCHING! I have fallen head first into this world, and I don’t ever want it to end. And my #1 ship is Bughead – obviously. If you guys love teen dramas – or basically any shows on the CW – just give Riverdale a try. I know you’ll love it! Also, Luke Perry is in it (any Beverly Hills 90210 fans??) and Molly Ringwald is making her debut in an upcoming episode (hello Breakfast Club!).1485434694_riverdale
    • Spring Baking Championship:  Every season, I look forward to Food Network’s baking shows. I love the Halloween, Holiday, and even the Kids Baking Championships. This year’s spring competition has been great so far! (Although, I miss Bobby Deen being the host.) I have my eye on a few front runners, but I have no idea who will win!sbc
  • MOVIE:
    • Logan: I am a huge fan of the X-Men movies – and Logan did not disappoint! (Well except for certain things that happened that were sad that I cannot discuss here because SPOILERS.) This movie is about Wolverine and Professor Charles Xavier and their encounter with a group of young mutants, including a young female Wolverine! Side note: I’m pretty sure these kids will be the next generation of X-Men characters since all of the original cast is, ahem, getting older… 20172f22f132ffd7d936f-ac31-4027-8495-2b2ce3826efa
  • MUSIC:
    • Two words: ED SHEERAN! He released his new album on March 3 – I literally have not listened to anything else all month. I will be honest, at first I thought it was kind of a weird album. The songs have a different feel than his past two releases, but there are some really good ones. Ed Sheeran is a wonderful songwriter/performer, and a lot of the songs just make me melt. Lately, I’ve been listening to “Perfect” on repeat.
  • BOOK:
    • Don’t Kiss the Messenger by Katie Ray: I received this book from Entangled Teen in exchange for an honest review (So keep your eyes open for that – coming April 10!!). I absolutely loved this book. It is about a girl named CeCe who struggles with a scar on her face left by a car accident in her youth. She meets a guy named Emmett at her private school – he really seems to get her  and look past her scar. But Emmett seems more interested in the new, beautiful volleyball player, Brynn. Brynn can’t bring herself to hold a conversation with Emmett, so she asks CeCe to communicate with him on her behalf – and madness, conflict, and love ensues. Just read this book guys. You will love it!
    • Side note, I got to read this ebook on my brand new Kindle Paperwhite that my husband got me for my birthday. I LOVE it! I would highly recommend this Kindle. I can’t wait to use it while traveling!



  • Happy Planner Sticker Value Pack – Planner Basics:
    • I just picked this sticker book up near the end of the month with some of my birthday money. I chose this pack because it included a huge variety of stickers – with a good mix of functional and decorative selections. I have used this pack for the past couple of weeks in my planner, and I am loving it so far. My favorite stickers right now are the Grocery Shopping stickers and the Weekend Banners!



    • I’m not sure what happened over the winter months, but my cuticles were in HORRIBLE shape. They were dry, cracked, and even looked gross. I did a little research for a good cuticle cream. I have tried one in the past that was more of a lotion consistency – which I didn’t like – it made my hands feel oily. So, I found this one at Walmart. It is the consistency of salve (if you know what that is) or like a very thick lip balm. I have been massaging it into my cuticles each night before bed, and it works like a charm! My cuticles and nails are looking much more smooth and healthy. lemon_butter_cuticle_cream_1


    • Give me all the Easter candy!!! In March, I really loved having Starburst jellybeans and Sweetarts Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies. Yummmmmm!


    • I absolutely love The Pioneer Woman! Love her show, and now I have fallen in love with her kitchen line at Walmart. I asked for these salt and pepper shakers for Christmas. I love the classic look they have, and they are big enough to hold lots of salt and pepper for cooking! Then, for my birthday in March, my sister got me the matching cookie jar! Now I just need to start baking and fill it up!2695bf823e7cbc78cf9260a5e8bf363643e0aceba5f30f5f3788a52ea6ae2095

Those are my March favorites! What were your favorite things in March? I’d love to know – no matter what category they fall under! Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you on the next page.


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