LC Book Club: The Unexpected Everything Discussion #1

Hi everyone! I’m coming to you on this Monday afternoon with my first ever book discussion – yay!

I’ve always been a fan of Lauren Conrad (love her clothing line at Kohl’s), so when I saw her book club was reading The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson this month, I couldn’t help but tag along!

By today, we were supposed to read the first 9 chapters, and then join everyone on the blog for a discussion. I decided to actually post on my own blog for this discussion, and I’ll link it on the original post.

WARNING: THERE MAY BE SPOILERS AHEAD (so if you haven’t read the book yet, take caution!)

Here we go! (questions are from

  1. Describe Andie’s relationship with her father in three words. Do you see their relationship change during the first half of the book?
    • Difficult, Tense, and Removed
    • Just near the end of this section of the book, we see Andie’s relationship with her father begin to develop in a good way. I hope to see it continue to develop and blossom in the next half of the story!
  2. When Andie’s acceptance to her medical internship is withdrawn, she is devastated… But she soon finds another job. What lessons do you think Andie learned so far from walking dogs all summer? How do you think it will be better or worse than if she had gone with her original plan of the medical internship?
    • From her new dog walking position, I think Andie has learned so far to let go and have fun, to care for something, and that opportunities can be hidden in some not-so-good circumstances sometimes.
    • I think her medical internship would have been more educational in a school/career way and more resume-appropriate, but if she had gone for the internship, she wouldn’t have this summer to reconnect with her father, hang out with friends, or meet Clark!
  3. When Andie and Clark go on their first date, the evening pretty much crashes and burns. Why do you think this happened?
    • Andie has gone through her past relationships with the end always in mind, therefore she never really took the chance to open up to anyone. So, with Clark she avoided basically any real conversation he tried to have with her.
  4. Do you think that Topher’s character will cause problems for Andie and Clark’s relationship?
    • I kind of expect Clark and Andie to have a rough patch. (I think this is going to follow the typical love story.) And when that happens, she might run to Topher. However, I don’t really see Topher causing any problems of his own will.
  5. When Andie goes to Clark’s house to help him take care of Bertie, she discovers that Clark is suffering from a major case of writer’s block. Do you believe that Clark is done writing forever? Or will he finish his third book?
    • I think that Andie will inspire Clark to start writing again, and that he will be successful in his third book. Fingers crossed!
  6. Do you think that Andie will return to see the farmhouse by the end of the novel?
    • I see the farmhouse as significant for Andie, so maybe her and her father will visit it together before the end. That’s how I think it should happen if it does.
  7. Friendship is a huge theme throughout the book so far, and it’s clear that Andie relies on her group of friends as one would rely on their family. Do you think Andie’s relationship with Clark will begin to change the group dynamic? How do you think he will find his place within these long-standing friendships?
    • If anything, I think Andie’s relationship with Clark will help the group. They’re always used to her 3-week boyfriends, so hopefully a more long-term person will strengthen the group.
    • So far, we’ve learned that Clark and Tom are already creating a pretty strong bromance. I think Clark will be just fine with the lifelong friends.

Alright, those are all of the questions! Let me know your thoughts if you are reading or have already read The Unexpected Everything. Also, it’s not too late to join in with the LC Book Club! Click this link for all of the book club information for June!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for Top Ten Tuesday tomorrow!


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