Top Ten Tuesday: Websites I Love that Aren’t About Books


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each Tuesday, a new list is prompted, and book bloggers display their answers!

Topic for May 10, 2016: Top Ten Websites You Love that Aren’t About Books

Who would’ve ever guessed that a TTT post would not be about books?? Today I’m sharing my top eight-ish websites that are not about books. I couldn’t think of ten…I don’t spend that much time online really.

  1. Tone It Up – Tone It Up is a fitness and lifestyle website and community created by the very talented and hilarious Karena and Katrina. I have been doing their workouts for almost a year and a half and their nutrition plan for few months. I think they have come up with a great way for women to stay healthy and have fun while doing it! I never feel stressed about fitting workouts into my everyday life, and I still treat myself to some cheat meals 🙂
  2. Lauren – Ok, so throwback to the days when I would watch Laguna Beach and The Hills… Lauren Conrad’s blog is so versatile in the topics it covers. I think it is a great blog for women my age (20s), because they cover style, work life, personal life, health, entertainment, and a lot more. Also, I own a ton of Lauren Conrad’s clothes from her line at Kohl’s… bring me ALL the floral prints!
  3. All Things Cambria Joy – Cambria is one of my favorite YouTubers. Sometimes I think it may be weird that she is younger than me, but she is so down to earth and really covers some great topics. Another way that she inspires me is by her great love for God. Check out her website and her youtube channels!
  4. YouTube – Ok so besides the fact that I watch a lot of BookTube videos, I also watch some other channels. These are mainly lifestyle and vlog channels that I watch while I get ready for work in the mornings. Some of my favorite non-book channels are CambriaJoyVlogs/Cambria Joy, Tone It Up, Yoga with Adriene, and Aspyn + Parker.
  5. Pinterest – Let’s also ignore the fact that I follow bookish accounts on Pinterest. But what girl does not like Pinterest? There are so many crafts, projects, and recipes that I love to search for on here. Now that I have a house, I’m obsessed with finding decorating ideas!
  6. She Reads Truth – This is a Bible study website for women that is based in Nashville. They have free Bible study plans throughout the year – the current plan is on Proverbs. I love this website because the daily studies are quick, so I can fit them in at home or even at work! Also, graphic design nerd moment, but the designs on their website are AMAZING!
  7. Creative Commons – Creative Commons is a website where you can search for media files on the internet that are free to use without the possibility of copyright infringement. I learned about this website during my design classes in college, and it has really come in handy in my graphic design and social media roles at work!
  8. Houzz – This website is a lot like Pinterest, but with only home decor. Since my husband and I just bought a house about 6 weeks ago, I have been looking at this site for ideas on getting our rooms set up!

So, those are my top 8 non-book websites. Like I said, I don’t spend a ton of time online, but these are the websites I tend to visit on a regular basis. This was actually a little bit of a challenge, because there are so many bookish websites that I love!

What are your favorite non-bookish websites? I’d love to get some more recommendations! I hope you found some new ones to check out on my post as well. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you on the next page!



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